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Upholstery Cleaning Humble TX

upholstery cleaning Humble TXUpholstery and other furniture are often the most neglected items when it comes to cleaning. In fact, many people do not know that upholstery and furniture can be professionally cleaned. For home maintenance, a good vacuuming with a brush attachment helps to remove the dust and soil that settles on and into the fabric. If you want to see how soiled you upholstery is, take a clean white terry towel and place it over your vacuum attachment hose. Be sure to firmly grip it so that it doesn't get sucked into the vacuum. While the vacuum is running and the white terry towel firmly grasped, run it over the arms, seats, and back of your upholstery. If it leaves a dark ring on the towel it is a good sign to have it professionally cleaned. Upholstery fabric is thin and can require special cleaning agents to properly clean the fabric so that it doesn't become damaged. We can clean everything from common microfiber to more fine fabrics such as cotton. We recommend having your upholstery cleaned regularly to keep up with appearance and for better indoor air quality.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Humble TX

pet stain and odor removalThere are times during the carpet cleaning process where we run into pet odor and stains. Not to worry we do have the training and the right products to remove these types of issues. Urine is one of those things that if not dealt with properly that the stain will keep returning over and over again. When urine leaves the cat, dog, or animal's body it comes out neutral on the pH scale. After it has had time to dry it then becomes very basic on pH scale and that is where the ammonia smell comes from. The urine dries into a crystal so in order for the urine to be removed it requires a product that can break up that urine crystal and it needs a natural enzyme to start to digest the proteins in the urine as well. Where most homeowners fail is that they attempt to use store bought products that on compound the issue and do not really deal with urine at the molecular level.

We offer two type odor removal treatment - topical and restorative odor removal. 




Topical Odor Removal

For our topical pet odor removal process we use a product that helps to break down the urine and urine salt crystals so that they can be more easily removed from the carpet. We apply the odor removal product topically and we allow it to dwell to give it plenty of time to work. We then take our sub surface extraction tool that allows us to remove the urine from the carpet padding, carpet backing, and the carpet face yarn. We'll treat the areas multiple times until we see that no more urine is coming out of the carpet. We then deal with any remaining staining with our specialty spotting products.

Restoration Odor Removal

This process is best for when our furry loved one has marked or urinated in one area over and over again. This issue then becomes that the urine has soaked through the carpet, the backing, and now is being absorbed into the sub floor. First we disengage the carpet and pull it back and we can easily identify the problem area from the back of the carpet. We remove the padding and then clean and treat the sub floor with a sealing product that doesn't allow the urine to penetrate back through leaving the urine contained. Once the sealing product dries we treat the carpet backing and face yarns like we do in our topical odor removal process. Next we'll replaced the removed pad and re-install the carpet. Finally we'll clean the carpet and deal with any staining that remains.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Scott's Carpet Care commercial carpet cleaning for businesses and property management companies. We would love the opportunity to walk through and provide a proper analysis as well as a carpet cleaning maintenance plan that will protect your flooring investment. Regular carpet maintenance can extend the life of the carpet as much as 200% longer than average carpet life expectancy resulting in less expensive replacement costs.

Benefits to Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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