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Thought a small city, Humble, Texas has produced its fair share of big names. These personalities have managed to make their mark in various industries, from politics to cinema.

Howard Hughes From Humble TXPossibly one the most well-known individuals from Humble, Howard Hughes was a businessman, pilot, and producer, among other things. From 1925 until his death in 1976 at the age of 70, he engaged in a wide variety of entrepreneurial opportunities. He is known for producing films such as Scarface and Hell’s Angels. However, he is best known for his aviation ventures. Hughes set several records for air speed in the 1930’s, and established his own airline named Hughes Airwest shortly after.

The earliest personality to make it big from Humble was Ross S. Sterling. He started out as a co-owner of the Humble Oil and Refining Company (which later merged with Exxon). Despite lacking in substantial formal education, Sterling was involved in many business undertakings, from running a railroad company to handling his own merchandising business at the tender age of 21. After serving as the chairman of the Texas Highway Commission, he went on to become the 31st governor of Texas, from 1931 to 1933.

Finally, let’s move to present times and a more current example. While he may go unnoticed to the general public, Ryan Cooper is noted in the film industry for his prolific work in Hollywood and diverse portfolio. Born in 1981, this Humble native is a director and editor. His work includes titles ranging from the hit blockbuster Casino Royale, the action-superhero movie Spiderman 3, and the spine chilling horror film 12 Feet Deep. His works have been shown in film festivals all over the world. Most notably, his short film “Harry and Greta” was recognized as the Best Short Film during the 2006 L.A. Indies Awards. When he’s not directing movies, Cooper produces music videos and commercials.

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