Are You Damaging Your Tile & Grout?

Allow us to describe a very common situation. You have lived in your home for a while and occasionally mop your tile and grout floor to keep it clean and tidy. You're noticing that your normal mopping method just isn't cutting it and so you add a little more cleaning solution and you've once again reclaimed the clean status of your tile and grout floor. A few weeks goes by and you notice your tile and grout floor looks dirty again and you begin mopping it but your even stronger cleaning solution isn't working so you let out a heavy sigh and decide to use the heavy duty approach. There you are with a bucket of your trusty cleaning solution and brush and after an hour or so of light scrubbing you've once again reclaimed the clean status of your tile and grout floor. Finally, another couple of weeks go by and the floor is once again dirty looking and you shuffle your feet to gather your cleaning supplies. This time you really had to scrub the floor and it took twice as long, your back and your knees are sore and you just can't fathom having to do that again.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Tid Bits

  1. No one should spend a morning, afternoon, or evening scrubbing grout lines. It is hard on your body and there are plenty of better things to be doing such as spending time with your family.
  2. The hard truth is - you're likely using the wrong cleaner for your tile and grout floor. We get it. Infomercials and commercials make promises with miracle products every day. Many of the products on the shelves today leave your floor with residue. This residue attracts soil and make the floor get dirtier faster. Adding more product to create a stronger cleaning solution is actually compounding the problem making it worse.
  3. The cleaning products you are using may have the ability to damage any sealant applied to the grout lines. Whether you had it applied when it was installed or after professionally cleaned. There are many products that can damage that protective coating and render it useless. This can result in permanent staining. We can and will recommend cleaning products that won't do this that are perfect for the tile and grout floor that you have.
  4. Sealing and protecting your grout is a great investment. Following your professional tile and grout cleaning, we highly recommend to have your grout sealed. Your tile will clean up easier when you maintain it and professional cleanings will be more successful as well. Grout sealant is an invisible protective layer that makes it difficult for liquids and soils to penetrate the grout. What you're left with is tile and grout that stays cleaner longer with less effort!

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